experiences arround and in the Bunker

Nightbunker is the original adventure bunker arround South Tyrol - Italy


Your dream is to get close in a bunker, stay a hole night in a bunker or get a bunker camp?

The n8bunker is the right place for You. It's the only place where your bunker dreams gones real. Individual and personal

Get your bunker Adventure

For evryone who don't like it unusal, n8bunker offer here also the classic tours arround the bunker in the heard of the alps.

Nothing is better for enjoy the landscape like a hiking tour or bycicle tour in this amazing places.

Bunkers are not like castles from another time. They are like trenchs. In a group like this from Olang - Rasen Antholz, every single bunker must work togheter. To discover and understand them is every time exciting and thrilling. Therefore I offer all season (summer and winter - day and night ) different adventures arround these constructions in the green valley of Pustertal at Olang – Rasen Antholz on the foothills of the Kronplatz

Time after time, in addition to all this, there will be partys, cultural events and very more inside and outside the n8bunker.

the current bunker weather


Enveloped in a thick coat of concrete is it relatively chilly with a temperature arround 10 °C. It feels chilly only in the summer when it's warm outside. With snow and ice in the winter, the Inside seems like a warm nest .

Never shines the sun inside. Only at the openings in the combat stands enter some ray of sunlight . But the artificial light inside is absolutly sufficient .

The atmospheric humidity inside is higher in the summer as in the winter - thanks the modern aeration You can't feel de difference .

Drizzle and downpour doesn't enter - inside it's always dry .

Wind and storm from every direction can't destroy the bunker .

Hardley You can perceive Thunderstorms , lightnings and thunder.

Concrete is very weather - resistant . So every weather is the right bunker weather!


You like to know more about the weather outside the bunker? Check the official site of the weather service south tyrol.


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